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Legal :: Spinal Cord Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Back injuries are on of the most common injuries in Illinois work injury cases. This is an overview of spinal injuries.

Spinal Injuries

Some common forms of spinal injuries are those that relate to the spinal discs. Spinal discs are pads of cartilage that separate and cushion the spinal vertebrae. When the body moves, the spinal discs protect the vertebrate from shock. Over time, spinal discs can be hurt by injury, degeneration and disease.

One common spinal injury is known as a herniated disc, which can also be referred to as prolapsed, bulging, or ruptured. Herniated discs can cause pain, weakness and numbness in various areas of the body, including the lower back, le

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Medical Assistants - 3 Bio Ethical Dilemmas

Hippocrates was a remarkable man in the history of medicine. He was an ancient Greek physician born in 460BC. Hippocrates is also known as the Father of Western Medicine. Hippocrates once said, "Nobody should willingly cause any preventable human suffering or harm". These words are actually the core and basic truth of medical ethics.

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates knew that there are no perfect people. He knew that men can be great. In spite of this, he also knew what men are capable of. He exceedingly opposes those who recklessly harm people. He is hesitant to give drugs that he knew will just harm people. Having that said, many considered Hippocrates as the first bio ethic

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High blood pressure is linked to increased risk of diabetes

Jacqui Wise1LondonPeople with high blood pressure have an almost 60% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, shows a study http://www.uhc.com/ of more than four million people published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.1

Hypertension has long been recognised as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular events, but the relationship between blood pressure and the risk of http://www.id-ss.com/jobs/healthcare-public-relations new onset diabetes is less clear.

The researchers looked at the health records of 4.1 million patients free from vascular disease and diabetes in the UK Clinical